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How to Check Good or Bad RAM

RAM memory is one of the function of the brain that enables to store and remember the past events. similarly is computers the term memory refers to a chip that stories data. it also enables us to retrieve the storied data. the processor reserves information storied in the memory package used.

ddr ram 23270 640

Types of Memory

memory can be divided into two types. volatile memory and non-volatile memory. volatile memory temporarily stories loses data as soon as the system supply is turned off non-volatile memory stores data permanently . it does not lose the data even if the system. supply is turned off.

further, memory is classified into physical. flash and cache memory.

physical Memory

physical memory is the total amount of memory installed in the computer. For example. If the computer has two 1gb memory modules has a total of 2gb of physical memory.

the different type of physical memory are :

RAM – stand of random access memory. it is a semiconductor based memory where  the CPU of the other hardware devices can read and write data . it temporarily stories the data and it a voltage memory once the system turns off as a result rom is a permanent data storage area.

There are Different Type of Ram 


DDR ram ram stand for random access memory. it is a semiconductor memory where the cpu or the other hardware devices can read and write data. ram  is used  as a temporary data storage area.


this is one of the cheapest DDR ram available in the market. it is also known as pc 2100.


DDR2 2 ram these speeds are possible because of additional feature such as a larger prefetch and more improvised registers. PC name for DDR2 667 and DDR2 800 are pc2


DDR2 3 ram is the third generation of double data rate is a continuing evolution of DDR2 memory technology that delivers higher speed up to 1866 mhz. lower power consumption and heat dissipation. it is an ideal memory solution where the bandwidth is the major concern of the systems. with dual and quad core processor and the lower power consumption is a perfect match for both server and mobile platforms.


new ram launch

RAM problem diagnostic and troubleshooting memory

  • on switching on the machine, three beep tones are heard and then the computer stop of parity error is displayed on the screen or black screen but CPU running mouse keyboard light is on.
  • cause this problem may occur due to improper insertion of the ram or due to defective RAM.  to solve  the problem.
  • physically check all the memory modules you have installed for any sing of damage.
  • check for any loose connection.
  • if the problem is not solved then remove module one by one reinsert and check if the problem has solved.
  • if the problem is due to some defective memory modules then replace with new working modules you can also use memory testing software for the same.
  • wrong memory  error and beep

pexels valentine tanasovich 2588757 1

cause- if the machine shows wrong memory size error on switching on, it could be due to wrong setup switch setting or wrong CMOS setup information.

to solve the problem:

  • correct the setup switches by the help of DIP switches or jumpers.
  • connect all the memory modules properly
  • Reset the bios
  • the memory card installed is not being recognized by the computer.
  • cause:- this  could be due to improper installation of the memory solve the problem.
  • ensure that card is installed properly check all the connectors

Ram Beep code and Troubleshooting 

  • 1 beep tone :- indicates the failure in refreshing the DRAM
  • 2 beep tone:- indicate the failure in DRAM parity
  • 3 beep tone indicate the failure in Base 64k ram
  • 8 beep tone:- indicate an error in the read write procedure of the display ram
  • 9 beep tone :-indicate  an error in the checksum of the ROM BIOS
  • 11 beep tone  :- indicate an error in the cache ram
  • continues Beep tone indicate the failure in ram

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