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How to Speed up your windows 10-विंडोज 10 कम्प्युटर को फास्ट कैसे करे

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How to Speed up your windows 10

If your computer is running more sluggish then it once did, there are several ways to speed up Windows 10.

Your Windows 10 computer might be able to run faster if you do same setting in windows.

 Change your startup settings.

Reduce the amount of apps that open at startup


Right – click on the start button and choose “Task Manager.”

In Task Manager, click on the “startup” tab.

If you see a program you don’t want to run at startup, right-click it and choose “Disable.”

Uninstall unwanted program

How to uninstall programs on windows 10

Go to start Manu=> setting=>and click Apps


In the Apps & Features find a program you want to uninstall computer basic knowledge

And click on it, and click uninstall. “You may need to confirm

by clicking uninstall” in the pop-up window.


Disable windows special effects

Open control panel =>to open control panel type “control panel” on the search button.


Click “system”


Click “Advance system settings”


      On the system properties windows, make sure you are on the advanced tab and click “settings.”


Here you can manually turn off special effects, just click “Adjust for best performance.”


Use an SSD or install additional memory


  • You can improve the performance of your computer by increasing its memory and storage.
  • Adding an SSD is the signal biggest improvement you can make to a pc,  And it can make bigger difference then upgrading to a computer with a higher processor.
  •   In addition, you can do lot of resource-intensive tasks with your computer,
  •   Like photo editing, video editing or gaming.
  • Adding additional memory can help as well .
  • You should have no less then 4GB RAM in your computer for windows to run efficiently,
  • But additional memory only improve performance.

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