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Who does not like to be fit in today’s fashionable era, everyone wants to be fit, and her/his body shape would be right, if you want too, then let’s see some benefits of jumping rope.


Loose weight

Skipping rope just for 10 minutes daily helps us to lose our weights very fastly. Skip rope daily at least 300 to 400 times. if you can’t do continuously, do it little by little in three or four times. it’s just a like a miracle. you will see the result within one week. If you are troubled by belly fat, then you can include exercises , jumping rope in your routine.

Blood circulation

Jumping rope daily keeps our body’s blood circulation right, which can prevent heart-related diseases to a great extent.

Makes our bone strong

When you start jumping rope, you may feel pain in your feet in the first two-three days, but gradually this pain will get better. Jumping rope regularly strengthens the bones of our hands and feet and also provides relief from knee pain. Jumping rope gives strength to the bones, the joints of the bones are activated, due to which there is sufficient lubrication in them which makes our bone strong.

Increase our height

Jumping rope is a great activity, during jumping rope, the blood circulation gets accelerated, which puts pressure on the bones and it expands. Jumping rope does not increase the height too much, just 1 to 2 inches can be increased.


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